The Expert’s

Guide to planning a Destination Wedding

If you have decided to have a Destination Wedding but aren't sure where to start this is the article for you! Trips and tricks from the experienced pros to help you in your wedding planning process!

Thinking about a destination wedding but aren’t sure where to start? You came to the right place! Take a look at the top 5 tips to get you started in your destination wedding planning!


  1. Choose your wedding planner carefully.  You will be working with your wedding specialist very closely for the next year and giving them a large insight into your life.  Being the main contact for yourself and your family and friends that choose to celebrate in destination with you, you will want to find someone knowledgeable, informative and with a personality that matches yours.

  2. Choose your destination.  Your wedding specialist will have a consultation with you to find out your wants, requirements, and budget to find the best fit for not only your wedding day but a week of celebrating with your closest friends and family members.

  3. Start putting down deposits to hold your dates and hold your group travel space.  This is a great time to start sending out invitations to your guests which your wedding specialist should also be able to help you with.

  4. Share your customized wedding website with your guests so they have access to all the wedding information, travel information, any additional details you would like them to know as well as to confirm their reservation with your destination wedding specialist directly.  Your wedding specialist should be your main point of contact for all your guests to alleviate any stress from you having to talk about money or payment plans with your guests.

  5. After (approximately a year of planning and organizing) it is time for you to relax and enjoy your Destination Wedding Experience!


Destination Wedding Experiences

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