Honeymoons & Other Travel

Married at home and now looking to set off for an adventure as a newly married couple? 

Vow renewals, elopements, Encore Weddings. The romance and travel doesn't stop at just Destination Weddings.

At Destination Wedding Experiences we love all things travel and romance. Not only can we prepare you for something as large as a 100+ guest count at your destination wedding we also plan solo travel, family travel, group travel and everything and anything in between!

Here are just a few travel ideas that we have booked in the past and heard great feedback.


  1. Destination Weddings!  Of course we can’t miss the chance to talk about Destination Weddings as that is where our passion and excitement always is!

  2. Vow Renewals.  Many of our couples previously got married when money was tight, big life changes were happening or they simply decided on having a smaller wedding. As time goes on and the love grows what better way to celebrate and renew those vows in front of the new people who have come into your life throughout the years including possible kids, grandkids, new friends and anyone else you want to celebrate your lifelong commitment with.

  3.  Honeymoons.  An overwater bungalow, private safari adventure, an escorted tour through Europe, a Caribbean cruise. These are just a few examples of where your new life as a married couple can take you.

  4.  Everything Disney.  Disneyworld, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Adventures by Disney, Hong Kong Disney. We are Disney fanatics here and continue to plan several major Disney trips every year. We've got the inside scoop on where to get free water in the park, what the best season to visit, how to maximize your time to be able to ride the most rides, secret little restaurants or snack stands that the average Disney guest may not know about.

  5.  Beach Vacation.  During long winters, beach vacations are the most popular way to get that Vitamin D back and come home feeling rested and recharged. Some of our most popular destinations are Jamaica, Mexico and Costa Rica with smaller eco-friendly type resorts becoming a fast favourite

  6.  Christmas Vacations.  (no we aren’t talking about visiting the Griswolds on this one)

  7. Christmas markets, tree lighting ceremonies, theme park holiday events, Christmas mass in the most famous cathedrals in the world, skiing and staying at a mountain chalet.  These are just a few ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.

  8.  Europe.  There are so many options for Europe they can’t all be listed here. One of my absolute favourite vacations to plan was a self-driving haunted castle tour!  So much history, adventure and a lifetime of memories to share once they got home.


These are just a few of my favourite of the many trips I have had the honour of planning alongside my clients to make their travel dreams come true.


Whatever you can dream up we can make into reality. We have an entire world of options to choose from.


Destination Wedding Experiences

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